Christian Social Service Center, Inc.
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 Mission  Statement:

Christian Social Service Center, Inc. exists as a social ministry focused on sharing God’s compassion to people who are experiencing crises. Through direct service and education, we seek to promote self-esteem and self-sufficiency for the residents of Bath and Menifee Counties. 

Sr. Kathleen Mulchrone, a Glenmary Sister, moved to Owingsville in 1987. In the spirit of Mathew’s gospel, she reached out to the disadvantaged, often from her home, to provide families with basic necessities. Sr. Mulchrone founded the Christian Social Service Center, Inc., in 1989, with the assistance of several local volunteers. Since the Center opened 20 years ago, thousands of Bath and Menifee County families in need have received both spiritual support and financial assistance.  In 1992, the local community undertook the administration of the Center. A local Advisory Committee was created in 1995, and in 1996 the Board of Directors was formed to govern the Center.  The Christian Social Service Center has operated under its own tax-exempt designation since February 4, 1997. 

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